Winter Sale 2021

Join us for a reception and sale featuring works by Susan Chin, Jennifer Banks, Annette Larson and Carol Dudley.

 December 3, Friday from 4-8pm
December 4, Saturday from 11-2pm

at 13118 Hosler Avenue, Chico California

for more information contact
or text 530-933-2344

With respect to  the health of our hosts and our community, we ask that our guests wear masks  at all times.  Indoor viewing space will be restricted to allow for safe social distancing.  Outdoor space will be  available for mixing and mingling. Please let us know in advance  if  we can plan a specific viewing appointment for you. Text or leave a message at (530) 933-2344.

Susan Chin is a jewelry artist known for quirky and innovative work in bone, ebony and variety of metals and  materials. She studied at Penland School in North Carolina and has shown widely in the United States . Susan maintains a studio in northern California.

Jennifer Banks Designs is a two person studio operating out of Napa,California. Jennifer and her partner James Dunbar, both trained at the California College of the Arts in Oakland; they  design and build every element of these one of a kind vessels from scratch.

Each vessel is painstakingly fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques from various metals including sterling silver, copper, pewter and bronze. After the hollow body of the vase is finished, they then begin to apply several thin coats of resin colored with iridescent pigment to the outside of the piece. Mixed into the resin might also be seeds, grasses, flower petals or whatever else they feel might achieve the desired effect.

After as many as eight or ten coats of the resin, the vessel is then sanded back down to a satin finish. The result is a piece which is unique not only from the work of other craftsmen, but also from one piece to another. Like the glaze of a ceramicist or the blending of watercolor, the finished look of the piece can only be imagined until it is done.

The wall hanging vases are fully functional and water tight.  Though each piece is an artwork to itself, they are intended to be used.When filled with flowers they create a beautiful focal point of light, color and shadow on the wall.

Carol Dudley and Annette Larson have been friends for 44 years – AnamCara is the Celtic word for soul friend. It is In this realm of AnamCara that we have been motivating each other in creative endeavors and have grown artistically together. Inspired by touchstones of Waldorf Education, travels to lands where sheep roam, and teachers from countries where felt fabric is still used for shelter and clothing, we have wrapped ourselves in this form of alchemy, this turning of timeworn craft into a personal expression. It is a point of pride that we are able to forge the practical to the beauty creating wearable art that is born out of years of perfecting the ancient felting process.

Felted fabric dates back to the Bronze Age and is thought to predate woven or spun fabric. Our one of a kind “Nuno” and “Cobweb” items are made using the same ancient techniques.

By encouraging wispy layers of the softest merino, cashmere and silk fibers to migrate through silk fabric, we create a “Nuno” or laminated fabric that is light, but strong and drapeable. Our Cobweb felt uses only 2-3 extremely fine layers of fiber creating a more diaphanous fabric with holes that mimic a spider’s web; the delicate holes in the cobweb felt are part of the “look” and are not flaws.

AnamCara’s Nuno and Cobweb felted fabrics will provide lightweight warmth, fashionable style and a connection to an organic process that holds both contemporary and modern sensibilities.